How To Develop & Promote Your Ecommerce Website: Tips for Your Success in 2022

Ecommerce marketing uses an ever-evolving set of advertising strategies to market your eCommerce website (or a specific product on your online store) and convert that traffic into paying customers.

As more people shop, the competition is greater than ever. When this competition ranges from smaller sellers to mega-retailers, a well-developed e-commerce concept becomes the key to success. Suppose your online eCommerce store/business is experiencing a drop in sales or is struggling to make a profit. In that case, you will for an eCommerce agency like websiteviral to consider what they can do to improve your eCommerce marketing.

How do websiteviral develop & promote an Ecommerce Website?

When it comes to eCommerce, there are a lot of options when it comes to who you work with. A company specializing in web design and promotion may be your best choice, or you can go with a single vendor/multiple vendors. WebsiteViral is one company that offers a range of services from design & development to launch and SEO to marketing through social media and advertising campaigns.

One of the benefits of choosing WebsiteViral is that you know you’re working with experts in the field. This means that you can be sure that your website will be optimally designed, develop & promote for conversions and traffic growth.

Another benefit of using WebsiteViral is its focus on helping businesses grow online. They have a team of specialists who can help you with everything from marketing your website to increasing traffic and sales.

Websiteviral can create a custom eCommerce website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This can be more challenging, but websiteviral sort it all for you.

What are the Features of an Ecommerce website.

Many features make up an eCommerce website. The most important is the ability to process payments, manage inventory, and create a storefront. Other features include order management, shipping, and tax calculation. Each of these features is important to running a successful online store.

List of features:

  • Management of content
  • Marketing and discount code tools
  • Simple checkout
  • SEO-friendly layout
  • Integrated eCommerce SEO capabilities
  • Custom report features
  • Blog or article integration
  • Integrated email marketing
  • Various payment options are available (credit card, PayPal, PO, Terms, etc.)

The top 2 main features are:

1. SEO Features Built Into Your eCommerce Platform

You know the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) if you’re running an online store. Luckily, many eCommerce platforms have built-in SEO features that can help you improve your ranking and drive more traffic to your site.

One such platform is This service offers a variety of SEO features that can help boost your online presence. Websiteviral also offers an SEO optimization tool that helps you optimize your site for the search engines. Plus, it provides various other tools and services to help you improve your SEO efforts.

2. SEO-Friendly Website Development

There is nothing left to consider after choosing a platform that offers the SEO features you require. Although a platform can be SEO friendly, you must have a developer who knows SEO and implements your design, theme, and code.

How can you do that if you don’t find a way to? Then Websiteviral brings the solution. We are an IT agency that understands SEO and the SEO implications of our work. Your website will be set up from scratch, launched, and marketed for online success.

We not only design & develop  your website and handle your SEO campaign but also work side-by-side throughout to promote your brand.

The 7 best strategies and tips for e-commerce marketing

These eCommerce marketing strategies will help you launch a successful online eCommerce store for your business, scale it for long-term success, and navigate the changes in the marketplace brought on by the pandemic.

1. Optimize your website for eCommerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO is one of the most valuable tools in the online marketing and eCommerce toolbox and should be the foundation of any digital advertising strategy. Unfortunately, it is also often overlooked or not properly implemented.

When implemented correctly, SEO ensures that searches using keywords related to your website or product show your website as a top result. Every day, Google alone processes up to 5 billion search queries.

You want your website to appear when searches are done for relevant terms. Suppose you also consider that 75% of the time, your potential customers search only the first page of results, and the three most important results are clicked the most. In that case, the importance of SEO for eCommerce marketing becomes even clearer.

Some of the Top SEO Techniques for eCommerce Marketing 2022 are:

  • Mobile page speed optimization and accelerated HTML code options for mobile pages.
  • Well-designed technical Search Engine Optimization to ensure websites are crawled properly.
  • Keyword Research and Usage.
  • Optimized Content.
  • SEO-friendly meta tags.
  • Site optimization for voice search.
  • Link building to build, maintain and increase authority.
  • Press releases and other forms of media contacts to increase authority.
  • Proper schema markup for eCommerce.

To optimize your online eCommerce store for search engines, you need a good understanding of how SEO works. It is always best to turn to professionals like those employed by an eCommerce or online shop agency, as they are well versed in SEO optimization and will perfectly assist you in developing your website and content.

Make it easy on yourself and hire an eCommerce agency like websiteviral to handle all aspects of advertising, including but not limited to content marketing and eCommerce strategy, and SEO.

2. Prioritize site speed and mobile-first design

People buy online for a variety of reasons. Before COVID-19, the reason was often speed and convenience. Another important factor for selling online is a safe place to order goods and deliver them to your home. Whatever the reason people shop online, a good user experience is important.

One of the first things you notice is how fast a website loads. If it lasts longer than 3 seconds, people will likely leave and visit another website. Therefore, Google sees the speed at which your website loads as a crucial factor in ranking your website. The faster your website is, the more likely you attract and retain customers.

3. Prioritize Ecommerce Social Media Marketing

Social media is a form of digital commerce marketing that allows customers to form a parasocial relationship with a brand. This means they see your brand as a friend or peer because of how your marketing team and advertising relate and interact with them.

Designing your social media eCommerce marketing should be as personal and interactive as possible. Choose websiteviral for personalized e-commerce development and promotion.

4. Increase email capture for email marketing.

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels you have to generate not only new sales but also repeat customers. Use email marketing to reach those who have abandoned their carts, potential customers who have subscribed to your newsletter from your blog or shop, and to reach existing customers who haven’t purchased in a while to bring them back.

The text of each email needs to be optimized for the target audience. The best way to do this is with an email automation tool that lets you set up emails to go out to people with specific interests and at optimal times. AI or AI tools can help you personalize even more by creating emails that use data collected about the target customer.

5. Offer value through blog posts

Your website’s organic eCommerce SEO reach will greatly benefit blog posts and other similar content. A blog post is a form of eCommerce marketing that enables you to target specific keywords for your products and reach people who are searching for those products.

Having a blog gives you creative license to optimize your blog posts for more searches, answer the right questions, and direct readers to different products on your site.

You’ll find your customers won’t always search by name for the products you offer. They may ask queries such as “How do I develop & promote an e-commerce website?” and land on this article you are reading, or search for “How can I get my meal on best preserve?” and find products for preserving.

6. Hire an e-commerce marketing agency

Hiring an eCommerce marketing agency like websiteviral. By hiring us, you won’t have to worry about building an in-house eCommerce marketing team or about eCommerce marketing strategies. You save time and money and concentrate on your strengths.

That’s why we are best suited for eCommerce marketing solutions. We have a team for eCommerce marketing that is well versed in SEO and content marketing, eCommerce advertising, eCommerce marketing services, social media reach, and more.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process by which affiliates (companies or individuals) sell their products through a personalized link for a commission. 81% of brands use affiliate marketing to increase sales. If you’re not already using this method of eCommerce website marketing, you should.

This can be combined with influencer marketing by offering affiliate links to influencers and content creators. Affiliate marketing has proven to be one of the most effective forms of eCommerce marketing.

I hope you have found this article helpful. If you still have any queries feel free to ask.

FAQ Section

1. Are my eCommerce website’s results with websiteviral successful?

Developing and executing a successful eCommerce marketing plan takes skill, knowledge, and a lot of hard work. ECommerce marketing has many facets, from developing product descriptions that sell to driving traffic to your site. But one of the most important aspects of eCommerce success is choosing the right eCommerce marketing services. Websiteviral has been helping businesses achieve success online for many years. We have the experience and expertise to help you grow your business and reach your goals.

When you partner with Websiteviral, you get access to our team of experts who will help you create a marketing plan tailored specifically for your business. We will help you identify your target audience and develop strategies to reach them. We also offer comprehensive tracking and reporting to see how well your campaigns perform and make necessary adjustments along the way.

2. How can I develop & promote my eCommerce business?

You can develop & promote your eCommerce business by developing a marketing plan and using the various tools at your disposal. These tools include SEO, mobile-first web design, social media, email, and blogs.

3. Does websiteviral offer eCommerce marketing services?

websiteviral is a full-cycle digital marketing company that helps businesses differentiate themselves in the competitive mobile and digital marketplace. Our eCommerce marketing services range from product design and development to SEO, content management, customer acquisition, and activation.

4. How do websiteviral Create an Ecommerce Marketing Plan?

Websiteviral can help you create a custom marketing plan that will help you reach more customers and grow your business. We offer various services that can help you promote your products and attract new customers.

We can help you design and execute a marketing campaign that will get results.

Contact us today to learn more about our eCommerce marketing services.

5. What types of eCommerce websites can websiteviral build?

Websites Viral offers a wide range of eCommerce website solutions that can fit any business size and budget.

We have different types of eCommerce websites that can be built to suit your needs, including an online store, shopping cart, and custom eCommerce website.

If you need a custom eCommerce website explicitly tailored to your business needs, Websiteviral is the best choice for you.

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