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Creativity has no end, and you need to figure out the channels you can use your creativity on. Let us explore blogging! Blogging can turn your creative writing passion into a money-making career.
Organize your thoughts & ideas in a piece of writing, and get it published online to extend its reach. In such wise, you can pave the way for passive income quite easily!

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Revenue-generating blogs are extensively longed for in the digital society, but it seems pretty challenging for beginners since passionate writers can’t find a reliable platform to sell their skills.
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Creative writing skills aren’t enough to get paid off significantly; your blogs vigorously need a good blogging website to ensure writing consistency & professionalism. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a professional blogging website designed by professional designers at WebsiteViral. We ensure the development of an optimized blogging platform by customizing the most appropriate premium themes. Get your fully functional blogging website at hand with minimum prior investment.

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Website Viral blogging team proposes the best strategy to be adopted in choosing the platform & custom theme because the blogging website’s theme is a vital factor to be considered, and it should be optimized with your blog niche. Given the user’s opted niche and requirement, our expert can serve you with the best services any website agency blogging expert can provide

Our Process

Basically, we get insights into the client blogging niche at first and then configure a theme aligned to the chosen niche that best suits your needs.
The team discusses the blog requirements & niche with the client and finalizes a suitable CMS & theme.

The chosen theme gets customized, and a good blogging website is developed in the development phase.

Review & Test

Once the blogging site gets developed, our web experts review & test the blogging site.


The thoroughly tested & reviewed blogging website is then launched to get an online reach.


We take proper measures to carry on the maintenance of your blogging website

Frequently Asked Questions

The way of making money with a blog is relatively straightforward. Once a blogging website meets the monetization criteria, then one can start earning from the published blogs readily. Because ads get displayed on a monetized blog, and each time a blog reader or website visitor clicks on the ads, the blogger earns a fraction of money. Likewise, the time readers spend on a blog also impacts the blogger’s revenue.

To start a blog in the first place, you need to have a blogging website. For this, you can go for a WordPress blogging website with a paid domain name and an appropriate hosting plan. Then to start blog writing, identify your niche of interest, and write some compelling & unique blogs in your chosen niche, then the blogs can be published on your WordPress blogging website to make money.

Yes, a free blog can also earn money, but you have to invest significant efforts and time in free blogging website because the free blogs get ranked on search engines relatively less than the paid ones. In the case of, you need to be consistent in posting good blogs on your site, and to apply for AdSense, you would have to wait for at least six months.

Although WordPress blogging website is totally free to use but you would have to pay for a domain name and hosting, so if you want to start a blog totally free of cost, then you need to start blogging on a free hosted blogging website like You can simply sign up on and start writing your blogs to get AdSense approved by Google.
It is totally dependent on the quality of your blogs and the traffic you have on your blogging site. Because a high-quality blog can easily get ranked on search engines and subsequently, the website visitors will also increase. If you get 1000 views on your blog, it is expected to get 0.5 to $2 per month.
In blogging, no specific topic or niche has been specified as a money maker; you can find out tons of niches to write about. For instance, you can write about lifestyle, technology, pets, nature, etc., and even you can write about the things you are passionate about. Whatever you write should be unique and appealing enough to grab the maximum attention of readers in order to make money.

Success doesn’t come overnight, whatever your niche is. Likewise, blogging takes time. For beginners, it might require 12 to 24 months to establish & run a successful blogging website. Contrarily, if you are a professional writer, you can even rank your blog within a time frame of 6 months by publishing high-quality and informative blogs consistently.


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