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At present, Amazon is considered the most popular and giant online marketplace that gives space to global sellers & buyers to sell and purchase products and various other services offered by Amazon after getting registered on the platform.
Popular Amazon services include:
● Amazon retail services
● Amazon home services
● Amazon developer services
The services Amazon company offers have been expanded on a vast scale worldwide. You can also access the Amazon Prime customer service number in case of queries.

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The Amazon business trends are touching the leading edge with elapsing of time. You can get into the Amazon world with a professional Amazon store or eCommerce website to rive this profitable opportunity.
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Amazon Global services are pretty wide-ranging; given this, you need to figure out your point of interest to get the most profitable Amazon website developed tailored to your goals.
From another perspective, Amazon affiliate websites are also a great source to generate considerable revenue. Given the profitability factor, you can choose variant product options, and we’ll develop the best Amazon affiliate website for you!

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We implement practical approaches to make your Amazon business website get the global reach online and put our best efforts into promoting it higher in the immeasurably competitive market. You can get served with both Amazon website development & promotion services simultaneously.

Our Process

We perceive the client’s business goals and then design & develop a functioning Amazon website that best suits the defined goals & requirements.
We propose a proper development strategy given the client’s interest & business goals.
Your Amazon business website gets developed by our professionals using the most powerful tools & technology.
Review & Test
We review & test the entire Amazon website to find out how the implemented functionalities work.
The successful review & test phase leads to the proper online launching of your Amazon business website.
We perform maintenance-related tasks over the launched website to ensure the growth of your Amazon business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon is a pretty extensive Marketplace integrated with complex mechanisms, and given this fact, it’ll cost you a high amount of money ranging between $40000 to $100000 to build a website like Amazon. Contrarily, the development cost of any small to medium-scale eCommerce website might be around $200 to $10000.

If you intend to work on Amazon, it would usually cost you around $1 to $3 per month. However, you can also go for Amazon web services free trial. AWS basically allows the users to explore & use its web services free of cost, but with few conditions, and in such a case, you may get charged $0.50 per month.

Yes, you can create a website like Amazon, but it may require a significant investment of your time and cost. Amazon is a giant marketplace offering a few exceptional services also so that you can alter a few things as per your requirement.

A marketplace website can be built quite conveniently if you have definite business goals and the right targeted audience. Because marketplace websites can be of any scale, such as eBay is considered the most significant marketplace available online. Likewise, if you need to have a small or medium-level marketplace website, you can go for either Shopify or WordPress WooCommerce platform for cost-effective solutions.
Given the scope and advanced functionalities of Amazon Marketplace, it seems impossible to create an Amazon-like website on your own, so you’d definitely need to hire a professional developer. To create a website like Amazon, you also need to note its key features & functionalities; then, you can use the same features in your website with slight changes, and whatever the CMS you use, make sure to use a premium theme because free themes are often not capable enough to integrate advanced functionalities.
If you want to build an Amazon-like website with coding, you can use React & Node frameworks. Basically, React is used for front-end designing, and once the front-end gets fully designed, then you add functionalities in the backend using Node & Express frameworks. But it is relatively easier to build this site using any reliable marketplace builder.

Yes, you can easily create a website like Amazon with WordPress. In WordPress, the WooCommerce plugin is quite famous for developing E-Commerce websites. Still, for Amazon-like websites, you might need to use a WordPress E-Commerce theme because WooCommerce won’t allow the multi-vendors to sell their stuff on your marketplace.

Though building an Amazon-like website costs quite a high price, you can still make it at a low price, and all this is possible if you use any marketplace builder or free CMS like WordPress. In such a case, you most likely have to pay for a domain name & hosting plan to publish it online.

Doubtlessly the selling process requires a prior investment, but selling the products is not a mandatory condition to work on Amazon; you can also work without any product or inventory, which can be in the form of drop shipping. For this, you can get yourself registered as an FBM seller on Amazon in the first place.

Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces and has various profitable channels. However, online sales or retailing is its major profitable source, but Amazon also earns much profit from subscriptions, cloud infrastructure, advertisements, streaming services, and a few advanced web services (AWS) it offers.

As Amazon is a global network, so for each compliant state, you can access a dedicated URL. For instance, to avail of UAE-based Amazon services Amazon ae website can be accessed. Likewise, Amazon presents dedicated customer services also. If you intend to acquire amazon Dubai customer service, you can contact customer service Amazon UAE number +971800035704531 at any time.


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