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How much does Social Media Advertising Cost in 2022?

Good Plan

$ 650 /Month
  • $500-$3499/month ad spend (paid to channel)
  • Advanced ad targeting
  • Advertising creation
  • Bid Management & Optimization

Better Plan

$ 850 /Month
  • $3500-$6999/month ad spend (paid to channel)
  • Advanced ad targeting
  • Advertising creation
  • Advertising creation


$ 1150 /Month
  • Designed Pages: 5-7
  • Mobile & Tab Responsive
  • Initial Design Concept:1
  • Initial Design Concept:1

Traffic & Social Media Advertising:

Social media advertising & traffic are highly correlated, given that social media network is the primary source of traffic for any business. Social media platforms give you the space you require to advertise & promote your business to the targeted audience. In this connection, you can get avail yourself of various special media tools and paid advertising campaigns and explore the business success in a different way.

Increase Traffic From Social Media Advertising

Increased traffic & sales might be the ultimate goal of a business, and this can be achieved only by promoting your products or services to potential clients. If you’ve been struggling with organic marketing strategies for a long and still awaiting considerable results, then this is time to increase the traffic from social media advertising; you need to invest in social media advertising approaches to reach the desired business growth.

Custom Pricing. Value Packed Pricing.

You can get a custom fair quote given your business objective and the platforms you intend to advertise your business on; we offer premium & objective-oriented social media advertising services at quite affordable rates.

Market Research
Market research is considered the first metric that an excellent social media advertising company should ensure in offering quality-based social media advertising services. WebsiteViral performs extensive market research before stepping into the advertising campaign so that a more practical and objective-centric advertising strategy can be composed.

Strategic Advertising
A strategic approach is proposed based on the data extracted from market research and the particular business objectives. The advertising objectives may vary with the business, so the businesses need to figure out their clear objective first. Afterward, the WebsiteViral team of experts initiates the most effective & revenue-generating advertising strategy on a specific social media platform.

Performance Monitoring
It is pretty essential to track & monitor the performance of implemented marketing strategy & advertisement campaign to figure out the impact of the taken advertising approach. In this connection, we perform regular monitoring of our social media advertising campaigns to ensure guaranteed profitable results.

Advertising Across The Best Platforms

To run successful advertising campaigns for your business, we opt for the best platforms based on in-depth competitive analysis. Here, find out how our professional social media advertising services vary with each platform.


Facebook is one of the best social media platforms that can quickly advertise your business to a broad targeted audience worldwide in order to promote the business for proven conversions. WebsiteViral SMM team of professionals ensures visible growth in your business by implementing the right advertising strategy.

Nov 09, 2017


Instagram is also quite famous for its vast user community that enables businesses to achieve their goals through proper marketing & advertising strategies. We run successful Instagram advertising campaigns to promote your products or any service to a remarkable level.

Nov 09, 2017


LinkedIn is a great platform to build strong connections with prospective clients and can give highly favorable results in promoting the business if used with a proper advertising strategy. WebsiteViral is committed to assisting businesses to build strong consumer relationships by practicing the best content advertisement approaches.

Nov 09, 2017


YouTube is a free & the second most accessed social media platform with 2.6 billion active users worldwide. So, you can increase your sales & conversion rate to a surprisingly level by advertising the most appealing content to this massive figure of the audience by using our YouTube advertising services.

Nov 09, 2017


In the present era, like many other social media platforms, Twitter is also paving the way for business growth and promotion. Given this, our social media experts promote your tweets and run paid advertisements to bring the targeted traffic relatively quicker than organic advertisement & marketing approaches.

Nov 09, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media platform serves as the most powerful & effective way of marketing and advertising a business. Social media marketers used professional strategies to run paid business advertisements across various social media platforms to gain the engagement of the targeted audience.
Although digital media marketing can be performed in various ways, but social media marketing is probably the easiest and most cost-effective way to market your products or businesses to the targeted audience because social media platforms allow you to engage and interact with your audience more conveniently by posting attention-grabbing content.
The social media marketing cost may vary with your business goals. Generally, it may cost between $1500 to $5000 per month if you hire a professional to perform your social media marketing processes. However, if you intend to do it on your own for your startup business, it might cost around $20 to $100 per month.
When a product or service advertised on social media gets significantly high reach, the ad. viewers share that particular advertisement on their social profiles and other social media channels; this way, the ad. goes viral to an immense audience globally, and this process is called as viral advertising via social media.
Social media advertising services are available at a relatively low price in Pakistan. Various digital marketing agencies sell their effective advertising services in different packages with varying costs since the cost mainly depends on the target audience, industry & business goals. So generally, a social media marketing company charges between 20000 to 80000 PKR per month for offering paid social media advertising, social media marketing, and promotional services.
Facebook is so far the best social media platform to advertise businesses for having the highest figure of monthly active users. Since it holds about 2.936 billion monthly active users; so, for being the most popular social media platform as of 2022, you can undoubtedly go for it to boost your business growth and expand its reach.
Many successful social media advertising Agencies are working across the globe and facilitating small & large firms, such as Social media advertising Bahrain company, Disruptive advertising, gentlemen marketing agency China, Tamlo Japanese social media, WebFx U.S Social Media company, etc.


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