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WebsiteViral runs custom PPC advertising campaigns to promote your business in the shortest time span.


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$ 1,000 /Month
  • Keyword research (up to 30 keywords / product)
  • Campaign strategy development
  • Online project management system


$ 1,250 /Month
  • Keyword research (up to 30 keywords / product)
  • Campaign strategy development
  • Online project management system
  • $5,001 TO $15,000 MONTHLY AD SPEND


$ 2,250 /Month
  • Keyword research (up to 30 keywords / product)
  • Campaign strategy development
  • Online project management system

Drive revenue from paid search with the PPC management services behind $3 billion in results

Sometimes all you need to elevate your revenue ratio is ideally advertise the business in a directed way. 

Nevertheless, business advertisement isn’t that easy as it might involve some complex & technical steps.

If you are already familiar with what is PPC, then the next vital factor you might be concerned about is how the revenue can reach the maximum limit using paid PPC advertisements.

An accurately run paid PPC campaign can drive the maximum target traffic, followed by an acceleration of the revenue to a considerable level.

The organic ranking may doesn’t get fit in all scenarios; for quick & guaranteed profitable results, you’d have to rely on paid advertisement.

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Additional PPC advertising services

PPC advertising management is the primary PPC service WebsiteViral offer to its valuable clients. However, for a good PPC campaign, it is essential to adopt strategy specific advertising approach to drive the desired result. Therefore, we are dedicated to offering the following additional PCC services also to meet the custom needs.

PPC Audit Services


We do a detailed audit of your existing marketing strategies and PPC campaigns to figure out performance ins & out.

Remarketing Services


Remarketing involves the strategic marketing approach carried out to keep the existing consumers engaged in business & offered services.

Facebook Ad Services


WebsiteViral runs effective paid advertisement strategies on Facebook to increase business awareness and audience to generate more sales.

Geofencing Ad Services


Innovatively market your business by adopting the Geofencing advertisement approach to target a specific area-based audience.

Addressable Ad Services


Addressable ads allow you to reach and interact with your potential consumers with specific details across various online platforms.

Social Media Ad Services


We propose a professional social media advertising strategy to promote your business globally to a vast network of social media communities.

What’s included in enterprise PPC plans from Webiteviral

WebsiteViral brings the most affordable PPC packages with valued services. We generally offer all of the below-stated services in our enterprise PPC plans. Here you can learn much more about each offered service.

Search ads

Search advertisement is the most common advertisement approach in PPC. Basically, search ads indicate the online advertisements users often see on the top of SERP (Search engine result page) while browsing any keyword on search engines (i.e., Google).

Nov 09, 2017

Display ads

Any visual advertisement that gets displayed on websites, social media platforms, or apps often represents a Display ad. Display advertisement facilitates the business in delivering their brand messages quickly to their targeted audience; the same advertisement can be used across various platforms.

Nov 09, 2017


Remarketing is quite helpful in bringing back your old customers to the website. The remarketing advertisement might include any promotional offers or any other marketing stuff that targets the old customers who have already accessed your website in the past.

Nov 09, 2017

Shopping ads

The shopping advertisement simply means the marketing of any eCommerce business, which generally includes detailed information about any product (i.e., name, image, price). Advertisers run shopping ads on various online platforms that urge users to make purchases.

Nov 09, 2017

Video advertising

The video advertisement might be a short informative but marketing video of a product or service. Videos advertising is often carried out to accelerate sales volume because video-based ads seem more appealing to potential clients.

Nov 09, 2017

Development of ad creatives and landing pages

WebsiteViral also offers the ad. designing & creation services, and in case your business doesn’t have any online presence, we build professional landing pages for businesses also along with the PPC service to build your strong online identity.

Nov 09, 2017

6 reasons PPC is extremely beneficial to your business

PPC advertising is quite trending for its remarkable beneficial factors as it helps businesses to accelerate their sales & revenue. Let’s explore a few advantages here!

1. It’s a cost-effective way to advertise

Organic marketing way also requires technical knowledge and takes much time; still, desired results are not guaranteed. So, to avoid the hassles associated with organic marketing approaches, paid PPC advertisement is often considered a cost-effective way to advertise.

2. It delivers fast results

At present, people are tired of slow marketing ways. PPC advertisements are pretty efficient in this connection and instantly accomplish the entire marketing process. Unlike organic marketing approaches, you can get your desired result in the shortest time.

3. You can easily track results

Monitoring any advertisement approach is crucial to measure its effectiveness. In this regard, PPC advertisement campaigns are easily monitorable; you can easily monitor your advertisement activities and track the progress on a regular basis.

4. It’s hyper-targeted

PPC advertisement strategies have made it relatively easy to market your business to a specific or targeted audience instead of promoting it to all irrelevant individuals. So, you can choose your targeted audience initially to run custom advertisements.

5. It hand-feeds consumers an easy way to convert

PPC advertisement campaigns serve as a place for everything you may need to make a purchase decision. In short, PPC has made purchasing process much easier by presenting everything in one place, which can subsequently increase the conversion rate significantly.

6. It increases revenue

PPC advertisements drive the maximum traffic to the business, so more traffic means more sales, which can directly impact the business revenue. The revenue can exceed the maximum limits if you accurately choose the targeted audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

PPC or Pay-per-click is a kind of digital marketing, or we can call it a paid marketing strategy in which advertisers run the ads of their businesses across various platforms on the search engine and pays the publisher for the advertisement each time a web user clicks on that particular displayed advertisement.

An estimate shows that almost 27% to 29% of internet users click on the top search results displayed on search engines, which hints that you can easily get the targeted audience on your websites by using PPC ads. Especially if you launched your business recently, the PCC ads are pretty essential to increase the brand or business awareness to maximum people.

Basically, PPC is a way of gaining traffic to your website inorganically by running paid advertisement campaigns, and you can run such PPC campaigns either on search engines or social media networks primarily. The entire PPC advertising model depends on keywords; the advertisement gets displayed in search results each time an internet user uses that particular keyword on the search engine.

PPC is an advertising model that can be used on search engines & social media platforms to advertise a business or brand. While Google ads represent the PCC advertisement model implemented on Google, it means if you run your paid PPC ads on Google, then you can also call the advertisement as Google Ads. You can get all the Google ads services from the single google ads expert needed to run your ad campaign professionally.

Ad impression indicates a state where your advertisement appears in search results and gets seen by the users. In contrast, Ad click is the conversion of impression to ad follow; the users click or follow the displayed advertisement after seeing it. However, the PPC advertisement is only profitable if the users click on the ads.

Using the CPM formula, you can easily evaluate the amount you might need to spend on advertisement. The CPM term refers to the cost per thousand impressions, and it determines the total cost you have to spend on the advertisement after every thousand impressions you get on your web or landing page; you may find a varying CPM on different platforms.

For an excellent ad. campaign, opt for the most appropriate keywords and then nicely use the keywords in advertisement copy. Moreover, you can use the ad extensions and increase your ad’s mobile-friendliness factor because you get more traffic from mobile searches rather than a web view. Therefore, you can ensure good campaign performance by hiring a PPC ads expert.

PPC Ads work with properly chosen keywords. Because you only reach your targeted audience with the right keywords, the audience may search for most likely. When an individual search any query or keywords, some specific advertisements based on those keywords also get displayed in search results, so if you stick to more specific keywords, the more traffic you’ll get via PPC advertisement.


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